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Sales of vacation homes started to surge soon after the pandemic began. With more Americans able to work remotely, demand for second homes skyrocketed. It makes sense. After all, a vacation home is only worth the expense if you’re able to use it regularly. There’s no need for the added financial burden if you’re only able to be there one weekend a year. So, naturally, the flexibility of remote work led more of us to look for a getaway somewhere beautiful. So many of us, in fact, that second-home sales increased every month for 13 consecutive months. But that streak ended in June. Rising home prices and the prospect of more offices reopening and requiring workers onsite slowed sales. And according to new data, sales fell even further in July. The numbers show demand for second homes was down 21 percent year-over-year. But while sales have been falling in recent months, they are still well above pre-pandemic levels and will likely continue to be in the months to come. (source)

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