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Though still new to most homeowners and buyers, smart home technology is starting to catch on. These days, you can find everything from smart thermostats to locks and light bulbs that use an Internet connection to allow you to control them from your phone or computer. These devices and home automation systems can add convenience, security, and energy efficiency to your home – in addition to the novelty of being able to dim all the lights in your house at once. Still, despite their seeming inevitability, a new report from the National Association of Realtors found that only 15 percent of real estate agents say they’re getting questions about the technology from their clients. That, however, is likely due to the products’ newness rather than their popularity. “More homeowners are adopting smart-home technology and that will likely impact buyers’ purchase decisions in the future,” NAR president, William E. Brown, says. “While consumer interest in this trend is still developing, Realtors are becoming well-versed in successfully marketing smart homes and their features, such as devices and appliances.” As home buyers become more aware of what’s possible, they will almost certainly add smart home features to their must-have list.  (source)

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