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What is AKZO Media?

AKZO Media was founded in 2010 by a former magazine editor and feature writer. The idea was simple. The Internet, social media, and blogs created a need for content among real estate and mortgage professionals hoping to establish themselves online. But running a business doesn’t leave much time for creating compelling content. AKZO Media’s solution to this time consuming and often expensive problem was to offer a service that creates and delivers high-quality real estate content for an affordable monthly fee. Call it a blog-writing service, social-media marketing solution, or a content-creation company. We call it simple.

What do you mean by content?

Content is a fancy word for whatever it is you post to your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, blog, or website. Social media is powered by content. You need something to share if you hope to have anyone look at your page or blog. In this case, we create the content for you. Our real estate content features industry-specific news, stats, analysis, tips, and trends. The posts, videos and infographics we produce are then delivered directly to your email inbox along with corresponding photography exclusive to AKZO Media.

How does it work?

Essentially, we produce a regular feed of top quality mortgage and real estate content and allow you to use it as your own on your website, Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, or wherever else you are doing business online. Our content packages feature a mix of real estate blog posts, videos, and infographics – along with the ability to add an email-ready monthly newsletter at checkout. All of our plans come with our base, three-post per week service. Just decide whether you’d like videos and infographics each month as well, then begin receiving our visually appealing mix of news and tips to share with your online visitors, fans, and followers. All of our content is delivered via email, with no special formatting. Our posts are delivered with a headline, accompanying image, and link to the source material for proper attribution. Videos are sent as MP4 files at a shareable size. You simply copy-and-paste or save-and-upload the content anywhere and everywhere you like.

What's the difference between your subscription plans?

Our Economy plan sends you a real estate blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. With our Standard plan – in addition to our basic three-day a week service – you’ll also get two monthly videos. Finally, as a Premium plan subscriber, you will receive our basic, three-day per week content service plus two branded monthly videos and a once-monthly infographic branded for your business. With all of our plans, we send you the content and you simply copy-and-paste it to your website or social-media pages. Simple, easy, no strings attached. You can post the content anywhere you’d like and can make changes to it if you so choose.

What's this about branded videos and infographics?

You heard right. As part of our Premium plan, subscribers can have their videos and infographics branded for their business. That means, we’ll customize your content to include your photo/logo and the domain name you’d like to promote. This way, wherever your content is seen, so is your branding.

What are social squares?

Social squares are like mini infographics, sized and shaped specifically to be shared on social media. They’re perfect for Instagram, or anywhere else you can use a quick, visually appealing post that’ll catch eyes and attention.

What about your email-ready newsletter?

At the end of the month, we compile the month’s most compelling content and design an email-ready newsletter, customized to include your contact info, logos, headshot, etc. Our newsletter can easily be sent out to your email mailing list and is guaranteed to impress your contacts and clients with its attractive layout and design. Our email-ready newsletter isn’t automatically part of any of our subscription packages, however. So, if you’d like to receive it, make sure to add it to your subscription package when checking out.

Why should I use AKZO Media?

We offer the highest quality real estate and mortgage content available. Sure, there are other companies that create and sell content for your blog and social-media pages but those companies weren’t founded by a publishing professional committed to providing accurate, well-written, eye-catching posts. We build your online presence the old-fashioned way, with compelling real estate content produced for your audience, not through untested shortcuts and Internet tricks.

But does content really work for business?

A whopping 83 percent of recently surveyed business owners said social media was important for their business. In particular, social media and blogs were used to gain better exposure, increase traffic, and provide marketplace insight. But social media was also important to generating leads and developing loyal customers. In other words, having a compelling and professional online presence will help build your business. Too often, though, business owners don’t have the time to create content and maintain that presence. That’s where we come in.

How long is the contract for service?

There is no contract. Our service is month-to-month. You can cancel at any time, without penalty.

Are there setup fees or any other charges?

No. There are no setup fees or hidden charges for our service.

How do I get started?

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