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A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Quality Content The Easy Way


There are countless articles on the Internet comparing social media to a cocktail party. This one will be no different. After all, the best way to successfully market your real estate business online has a lot in common with successfully navigating a crowded social gathering. In both cases, if you have a memorable presence and something interesting to share, people will generally think of you favorably and remember your name afterward. The good news is the presence you build online won’t be created under the influence of alcohol. This will make it less likely that you stumble into unprofessional, awkward and/or embarrassing territory. The bad news is it’ll require you to create some real estate content. And that means work.

Here are a few tips to take some of the pain out of creating sharable real estate content …

Relax and Be Yourself: If you approach this the way you did your 5th grade book report, you may be headed for hard times. In other words, you’re going to want to be creative, enthusiastic, and – most of all – not boring. Sure, blog posts and social-media updates require some work. But you don’t have to be formal, uptight, or afraid to inject some personality into what you share online. In fact, the more your content has a recognizable form and voice, the more connected your fans, followers, subscribers, clients and contacts will feel.

Write The Way You Talk: Most of us don’t like to write. That’s why Instagram is so popular. Sadly, your business is going to require something more than filtered photographs to connect with contacts. So here’s a quick tip that should make posting less of a chore … Write the way you talk. Chances are you’ve gotten a lot of practice speaking over the years. Which means, you’re probably pretty good at it. If you can talk about a subject, you can write about it. Try talking through what you’d like to convey before you start writing. Then type it up much the way it sounded when you said it. This will make your writing less difficult and easier to read.

Go With What You Know: Here’s another seemingly obvious tip … Writing about a topic you know a lot about makes writing easier. Try putting together a paragraph on the Industrial Revolution in northern Europe. Difficult, eh? Now try writing a paragraph on your industry, services, products, or area of expertise. Should be a bit easier. In the case of real estate blogs and social-media pages, this is a twofer. Not only will it be easier to write about your business and industry, it’s the most appropriate topic for a page about your business and industry. After all, having a Facebook business page filled with posts detailing your love of Bon Jovi isn’t going to look professional or convince anyone to do business with you. Unless, of course, you’re the president of the Bon Jovi fan club. Keep it focused, professional, and written for your audience. 


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