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Market conditions have been difficult for home buyers this year. Rising prices and competition for available listings have made things challenging. But despite those challenges, buyer demand has remained strong, even through the hot spring and summer markets. And now, heading into the fall and winter, it still shows few signs of slowing down. For example, one recent survey found a majority of participants were optimistic about the housing market and agreed that the next three months would be a good time to buy a home. In fact, the results show 52 percent of respondents said they agree or strongly agree that now’s a good time to buy – with an additional 17.8 percent remaining neutral. That leaves just 29.6 percent who feel it’s not the right time to buy. That’s a pretty good sign that buyers will continue to be active in the market in the weeks and months ahead. Regionally, prospective buyers in California, Texas, and Florida were the most optimistic, with home-buying confidence scores surpassing the national average in all three states. (source)

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